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Hi my name is Michelle Honeywell  (Chell), born in 1975.  I have lived in Telford, Shropshire for the past 35 years. I decided a few years ago to combine my two passions, horses and photography. Having three horses of my own,  all since youngsters, a shire and two traditional cobs, aswell as competing in dressage on my Shire and all the funrides we have done over the years, it given me an insight into the images I want as a equestrian  and horse owner myself to be able to capture  for others.
Character, the bond, the trust, these are all the things  that we cherish as memories forever.
"Thank you so much
from the bottom of my heart for such a
wonderful experience.
The photos are

E. Kelly

"Everyone involved
commented on how patient you were with the horses, humans, chickens and donkey!
How relaxed everyone felt because you were calm so thank you, it was a really great experience for everyone"

N. G. Smitten

"Everyone felt so relaxed including the 9
horses making it a
great experience
for all and
pleasureable day for

S. Jennings

"Just seen the pictures
you took from camp! 
I just wanted to say a big thank you for
such amazing
pictures of all of us
and especially King"

K. Ephraim

Your photas are
beautiful from 
Sundays Dressage"

H. Oldridge

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